Day 7: Being Childlike


One very important part of life is remember to be childlike. Never forget the child’s innocents that lives inside of you. “Except ye be concerted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven” (Jesus of Nazareth). Jesus tells us in this quote how important it is to continue to harness the child within each of us. Wayne Dyer reflects on Jesus statement by affirming “To me. this passage of Jesus’ from the New Testament speaks to the forces of forgetting about our bodies as our primary identity-forgetting about our ethnic identity, our spoken language, our cultural label, the shape of our eyes. or what side of the border we grew up on, then making the conversation to become as little children, who are impervious to such compartmentalization” (p. 28). I think that Jesus is reminding us how important it is to value the simplicity of thoughts that children have. A child that does not have a tainted idea about life that we as adult carry. They see life from a very clear vision that is so precious, nonjudgmental, and caring. Dyer suggests that the characteristics that we see in geniuses similar and/or “equivalent to the inquisitiveness of children. Geniuses and children share a willingness to explore without thoughts of failure or worries about criticism” (p. 29).

I suggest being as childlike as possible. Do things that are not childish, but in the sense of being fun loving, nonjudgemental, and caring. Do things without the worry of judgement or criticism, Know that you have great things within you that will prevail if you allow it. You can unleash this within yourself by listening to the wise works of Dyer. “Spend as much time as you can manage observing little children. As you do, recall the child in you who would love to play with them” (p. 29). Decide to never totally succumb to the mundane cycles of life as an adult. Remember to have fun and be childlike as much a possible. Don’t let the jaded world get you down. Walk with your head held high like a 2 year old that just accomplished a simple task.

Thank you for reading,

Rebecca Hunt, MS


Dyer, W. (2002). Wisdom of the ages: A modern master brings eternal truths into everyday life. New York: Quill


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